New feature: record your meetings!


After thousands of beta recordings and hundreds of feedback emails, we’re happy to share that recording is out of beta, and is available for pro and trial users!

Check out the feature by launching a meeting and clicking the plus (“+”) button, then clicking “Record”.  This will capture both screen and audio content.

Once your meeting has recorded, it’s stored in a “Cubby”. pro users receive 5GB of free storage via LogMeIn’s secure cloud file sync and sharing app, Cubby.  That storage space houses hundreds of hours of recordings.

You can view, download, share, or delete the recording by visiting, then clicking “my meetings” and “recordings”. recordings can be played directly from the site, or natively in Chrome and Firefox browsers.  They can also be played in a variety of common media players, or in other browsers, through a simple plug-in.

You can see an overview of the recording feature (complete with pictures!) here.  We’ve also added a new Recording section to our Knowledge Base, covering recording, playback, and uploading to YouTube.

Have you made any recordings of your own?  Let us know how they went – we love feedback!

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Record your meetings, now in beta

We get new feature suggestions every day from our users, and the one we heard most often was to add recording.   We heard you loud and clear, and we’re happy to announce that recording is ready for you to try on our beta site (!

When we asked users what they wanted to record, we most often heard about training, demos, town hall meetings  – but we’re sure you’ve already got your own great ideas.  No matter what you choose, is ready and able to capture both the screen and audio conversation.

To start your recording, click on the (new!) Plus icon and click “Record”.  When you’re done, hit “Stop recording”.  As soon as we’re done processing it, your recording will be available on the new “my meetings” tab on the website, under “recordings”.

join me recording screenshot

Users can check this feature out now by signing up or signing in with their pro credentials at and starting a session. Since we’re still in beta, feedback is wanted and welcome at  Don’t forget to check out our knowledge base articles on the topic.  Happy recording!

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The HTML5 viewer is now in beta!

Viva la HTML5 Revolución!

Starting today, you can attend a meeting from your browser without needing to have Flash installed. Introducing the HTML5 viewer, now available (in beta) at

The HTML5 viewer will kick in if Flash is not installed on the following platform/browser combinations (more to come soon!):

  • Mac- Safari
  • Windows- Chrome
  • Windows- Firefox

If you already have Flash installed, you can still join in the fun! Simply follow the instructions found on our Knowledge Base here.


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The online meeting scheduler just got better

When it comes to collaborating with others, it’s all about organization and communication. That’s why we’ve launched a new and improved meeting scheduler that makes managing your business and personal life a lot less complicated.

As a pro user you can:

  • Customize the notes section of your meeting invite
  • Decide which audio information to include in your invite, including international numbers
  • View meeting history­ – ­be it an upcoming meeting or one that has already taken place
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting from past meetings, accessible from your history tab
  • Choose to share your full name with invitees, instead of  email only
  • Schedule future meetings without sending an invitation at that time, or ever! online meeting scheduler

With a well-organized schedule, life can get surprisingly easy. As for the getting everyone to agree? That’s for another post.

Want to try the new scheduler? Login to your account or sign up for a free trial today.

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Two business class upgrades. For everyone.

Ever wonder how the other half lives?  Starting today, you, and the tens of millions of other users will have a chance to find out through the new Pro Preview.  All users who host a meeting will now get instant free access to’s premium features, right out of the gate, for their next two meetings.  No registration required.

During your two Pro Preview meetings we’ll unlock all of’s premium features, including:

  • Window Sharing – share only a single application or portion of your screen
  • Presenter Swap – pass the baton to others and let them drive for awhile
  • Annotation – highlight areas and keep your audience engaged through collaborative annotation
  • Conference Lines – take advantage of dedicated domestic and international conference lines

…and more

pro preview

Want more time to check out pro? You can sign up for a 14-day, risk-free trial on the website.

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Collaborate. Annotate.

Ever wish you could circle that word, highlight that line, or laser-focus on one part of your screen? Well, today you can. pro now includes annotation for hosts and viewers, including drawing on the screen with a highlighter or pen, or focusing on a certain aspect of your screen with a laser pointer. You can choose up to six colors to annotate with, and we even offer collaborative annotation, where both the host and viewers can annotate at the same time. And don’t worry – you can save your annotations with the click of a button and access them at any time.

Watch the 90-second demo here:

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas on annotation, head on over to our help center where you can get answers, ask questions or submit ideas to make better.

Don’t have pro? Create your account today for a free, 14-day trial – no credit card required!

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Show and tell…from your iPad!

Want to host a meeting from your iPad?  There’s an app for that.

We’re happy to announce a significant new update to the iPad app that will give you another excuse to leave your laptop at the office.  Starting today, you can now use to host meetings and quick, ad-hoc collaboration sessions directly from your iPad, including the ability to:

  • Select and visually present files from email and other iPad apps with up to 250 people
  • Open files from other productivity, business, collaboration and cloud apps in for quick sharing
  • Store files in the iPad app for future meetings and presentations
  • Invite attendees via email or link into a session
  • Talk to attendees via VoIP or a free, dedicated teleconference line
  • Secure and control meetings via “lock” feature, requiring attendees to seek permission prior to joining a meeting in session
  • Trigger a touch-based ‘laser pointer’ for highlighting areas of content being shared
  • Use built-in chat feature to talk with individual or all attendees

Want a test drive?

The hosting option in new app works in tandem with your account.  If you already have on your iPad, just install the latest update.  If not, just download it from App Store to get started.  Once in the app, you’ll see options to ‘Share’ or to ‘Join’, just like the website.  To ‘Share’, simply log in with your account info and you’re ready to go.

Don’t have a account?  No worries.  You can sign up for a 14-day, risk-free account trial on the website — also gives you a chance to test drive all the premium features of pro.  PLEASE NOTE: Joining a meeting from the app does not require an account.

Try it with friends, try it with colleagues, or heck, try it with yourself by simply joining your iPad hosted meeting from your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android device, Win 8 device or even another iPad.

And let us know your thoughts here on blog, in the app reviews or in the new ideas community.

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Have a suggestion? Let us know at

You know You love But I bet you have a few ideas of your own on how to make work better for you (actually, I know you do). That’s why we created – a place where you can go and submit ideas for new features and functionality, or vote on ideas already added.  Check it out – because the team will be watching your ideas to see how we can improve

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Reporting is now available for pro

We’re giving you a bit of history today – of your meetings, that is. With pro, you can now pull reports of your past meetings. Details include presenter name, email, meeting subject, start time, duration, number of participants and features used. You can find it in the “reports” tab in your account:

Check it out now at

Happy reporting!

Posted in pro, online meeting, screen sharing, virtual meetings | Tagged , , , , | 1 Comment now fully supports Windows 8

Today’s a good day for everyone who’s upgraded to Windows 8 – now fully supports both sharing and viewing in Windows 8. Don’t have Windows 8 yet? There’s still two cool enhancements to One, your desktop app will now autofill (in the “join” field) your frequently visited personal URL’s. (Read: Less typing for you.) You can also move the menu behind what you’re sharing – it’s a little more flexible now.

Happy sharing – let us know what you think in the comments.

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