New feature added to window sharing

We got some really great feedback when we put out the ability to share just one window instead of your whole screen. You loved it. You also asked for an easier way to switch between windows. So, we went back to work and came up with a cool little tool to help you do just that:

Here, you can see I’m sharing just one window on my screen. We’ve added a controller in the upper right (which you can move around, if you want), and when you click on it, it easily allows you to choose another open window to share. So now you don’t have to go back to the main menu to switch windows anymore. Easy, right?

What else would you like to see in window sharing? Let us know in the comments.

P.S. Haven’t tried window sharing yet? Take a free trial of pro to check it out.

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18 Responses to New feature added to window sharing

  1. Dan Eveland says:

    Idea for your product. If you have a Pro account (I do), then it would be nice to be able to email a file to (in my case) and then when people joined the meeting (at, they would see a downloadable file in a collapsible list.

    Also, I get bugged by your sales people when I do a survey even though I am a pro user. You should know programmatically that the meeting was run by a Pro user, and bypass the lead-generation system you use.

  2. Geoff Bessin says:

    Love the product, love the update – a very useful addition. Correct me if I’m wrong, but your team also got rid of the “Meeting Paused” message that never made sense to me. My audience didn’t need to know I was pausing the meeting.
    As for additional features? Now I’m just being greedy. There’s simple stuff like a key combination for pausing and then sharing a meeting – nicer than having my audience watch my mouse glide over to the main menu. More advanced would be incorporation of a video chat feature. That said, performance is the #1 issue. It’s not bad today but anything that can be done to improve performance – that is, to improve the quality of to either compensate for or transmit active screen changes – is key. There are still moments of “Hold on. I can’t see what you’re referring to. is playing catch-up.” This is a problem for all screensharing tools but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t continually receive attention.
    Thanks for the great work!

  3. Jackie says:

    Very slick. Any chance we’ll get a whiteboard feature in the near future? Use it it LogMeIn all the time.

  4. I use pro almost every day and tell others about the product. I really like the new features, switch screens and show just a window.
    Suggestion- I would like to be able to change the default from a one time code to our personal link. Sometimes I forget to check the radio button and it gets scheduled with the one time code. Is this feature coming or I have just missed something in the setup? has been kicking me out of conferences this week. On Wednesday and
    Thursday between 1:30-3:00pm CST. I checked with my ISP and there have not been any problems with my Internet connection. Do you have a solution for this? I have 6 GB of RAM and a 64 bit operating system.
    Thank you,

  5. Astha says:

    Can I second the need for video chat and whiteboard functionality. As a pro user, these are features I am currently struggling to compensate for.
    For the whiteboard- ability for multiple participants to work on a canvas. Add comments and annotate.

    Video- any chance a Skype integration is possible? I understand integrations are really tough, but we use Skype for all our other collaboration needs, and it would just be such a great fit. Alternatively- the ability for up to 5 people to share video would be awesome (we’ve found a number higher than this tends to take a toll on performance). This will allow us to do multi office meetings, and richer discussions.

    Plus, ability to change presenters.

  6. Jeff Evans says:

    First I want to say thank you for innovating in this industry. Innovation is LONG OVERDUE and can easily disrupt the likes of Webex. I am doing a trial of pro in a comparison to Webex. I love the fact that you have Mac and Windows! I love the fact that has mobile covered with both iPhone and iPad compatible apps! I love the fact that scheduling a meetings sends out actual iCal and Exchange compatible calendar requests! Here is some feedback and would be very open to hearing your responses.

    Resolution to the below would make me push the buy button in 2 nanoseconds [HYPERBOLE, but real]

    Probably a Deal Killer: Using PAUSE in does not freeze the view!
    A killer core feature of Webex is the ability to PAUSE what you are sharing which allows the presenter to freeze the recipients’ views. This is a real asset and is used constantly so as to allow the presenter to multitask without confusing the viewers. does not freeze the screen but instead shows the viewers a branded screen saying that the presenter has paused. This is an unfortunate loss and I am not sure I can use this in production (performing software product demonstrations and working with my customers on product implementations). We need the pause feature to focus our viewers while we do other things on our computer.

    Close to being a deal killer: Recording a meeting. It is an incredibly useful feature to record a demonstration or a feedback session. There are alternative ways to do it, but it would be SO NICE to have that feature.

    Not a Deal Killer: Often viewers have lower resolution screens than the one I am presenting on. It would be great if you made it easy for viewers to choose to view the “actual screen size” of the presenter so that even if they are on a lower resolution screen they can use scrollbars to see the presenter’s screen in it’s actual resolution. This is especially useful in lowering the blur of the presentation. Your “magnification” capability could be improved to snap to “100%” for example.

    Not a Deal Killer: I don’t know how to schedule different meetings using different conference line settings. I find the meeting scheduler weird in that I have some meetings that I need to schedule using my own conference info, and some meetings where I would like to use’s conference info. I am not sure how to do that (can I switch back and forth in the settings? If I update a meeting later does it use the new settings or the original settings?) The meeting scheduler could use a quick upgrade cycle.

    Not a Deal Killer: Adding participants to a scheduled meeting updates the schedule request thereby requiring previous participants who already accepted to accept again. It would be really nice if adding participants to a pre-scheduled meeting did not disrupt previously accepted participants requiring them to act again.

    Not necessary at all: Everything else you don’t have. Video chat and/or whiteboards. I don’t use either in Webex and therefore have no opinion on them whatsoever, but I suppose you should look to the broader market.

  7. Andrei says:

    Hello. I just tried the basic version and all looks great but the viewer can’t see the entire screen, even tho it’s “entire screen” and not “window” mode. Only about 80% of the height and width is shown. Also when I grant him control the mouse is pointer is displayed in one place but the actual pointer is somewhere else. Any idea? Thanks!

  8. Alex says:

    I have recently purchased the pro version of the app for my ipad & find it very useful. However, can you please tell me if there is any way to present (share) a video in It seams that one can only present PDF & jpeg files or similar. The tutorials say that you click the share button within an app & you will have the option to ‘open in’ but so far, I have found no app which has this. Can you please help?

    • Hi Alex,

      Right now, you can’t share a video using the app for iPad. You can only share documents and files. Every document and file can be copied into the app by tapping it and holding it (a menu should pop up that says “Open in”) or by clicking the “share” button (the square with the arrow pointing outside the box). You can do this wherever you have files stored.

      If you are still having trouble, please let me know.



  9. Stuart Karon says:

    My company switched from GoToMeeting to your Pro version. We love the simplicity and, as a software firm that needs to assist customers and demo our product, we have no need for video conferencing and other bells.

    I have a big, high-res monitor. Most people to whom I demo my application have smaller screens, laptops hooked up to projectors in a conference room. I can show just one window to keep what they see from shrinking too much but they don’t see mouse-over message or the contents of drop-down selectors. They tell me they see just black boxes.

    Is there a way to include all children windows of the one I’m sharing? If not, can I choose to share the screen area, not just the window, and let me be careful that nothing obscures the window I’m sharing?

    I assume the answer to both questions is “no” and if so, please consider adding one or the other!

    • Hi Stuart,

      Unfortunately, sharing child windows isn’t something we’ve built yet, and we currently don’t have the ability to “crop” a part of your screen to share. Both are items that we know users want, so stay tuned for updates.



  10. William says:

    Hello Maggie

    we are using the free connecting to internal or external users and every time a username and password windows comes up is blacked out so i can’t enter my credentials to assist users in installing software is this a limited feature in the free version.

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  12. Nathan McNulty says:

    iPad user able to view on entire screen? I’ve seen troubleshooting on how the viewer (not meeting presenter) can view the presentation on full screen, but none that specifically speaks to this issue on the iPad. Is there a solution so that user can see utilize entire iPad screen to view presentation? This woudl be especially useful since iPad screens are smaller than PCs. Have downloaded the app and experiencing this problem. Thanks!

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