Have a suggestion? Let us know at ideas.join.me

You know join.me. You love join.me. But I bet you have a few ideas of your own on how to make join.me work better for you (actually, I know you do). That’s why we created ideas.join.me – a place where you can go and submit ideas for new features and functionality, or vote on ideas already added.  Check it out – because the join.me team will be watching your ideas to see how we can improve join.me.

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Product Manager at LogMeIn. Questions or comments? Email me at maggie@join.me
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7 Responses to Have a suggestion? Let us know at ideas.join.me

  1. Ralph says:

    Your Scrolling on pull down menus, such as when you select a time for a meeting, is terrible to navigate. The scroll bar is too small for a mouse and it doesn’t just scroll 1 page, it scrolls past many items in the list, then you have to use the arrow keys also.

  2. Greg Stager says:

    Just updated the join.me app on the iPad. Found out you can now share from the iPad! That is brilliant! Have not had a chance to test that yet but nice work gang!

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  4. Glenn says:

    Hey! I have a few suggestions, a question and a complaint.

    First the suggestions. I think it would be wise to add a forum to the home page, and if one exists you should link the two. I think it would be smart to do so because some people would come across problems, that more often than not, the very small “troubleshoot” you have will not satisfy.

    And if you do have a forum, and it is linked to your main website, i find it difficult to locate.

    As for my complaint. I listed a problem a while ago and all i got was just a re-listing of the “troubleshoot.” I find it a bit insulting as I followed the directions given to me and at last resort i should e-mail them for any problems i cant solve myself. But when i did so, all i got was a e-mail back telling me that i should follow the FAQ which i told me to e-mail them if i use up all the options in this list. I think it would be smart IF you made the forum so other people could post questions they may have and get answers and people in the future who may have similar problems could use the forums to answer theirs. This would reduce the amount of customer service questions you may get, as well as allow people to get answers to their questions quicker, and in masses.

    As for my question.
    I still need an answer to why i am having this problem. All my windows blinks and flashes. My friend gave me a link which helped me out, though i am forced to use Livestream Podcaster to Fix Join.me’s problem which is kind of hilarious.

    If by some chance you are someone who has the same problem as me and is having the windows blink, and you can only see the background icons and wallpaper not blinking, as well as using windows 7. The problem is Aero. Aero is what allows your window’s boarders become semi transparent. The link my friend gave me is http://whiletruecode.com/post/stop-seizure-inducing-screen-flicker-in-joinme if you wish to try. But I chose to just use Livestream Podcaster that i have been using because join.me is well buggy, turned it on, and it asks if you want to turn on or off Aero. I said turn it off, and join.me works like it should.

    Sorry for all this text, but i had this problem for a few months with no solution to this.

    • Hi Glenn,

      We know that turning Aero off is a solution to that problem, so from your post I see we should be doing a better job of letting our users know that.

      In the meantime, we have an idea community that just started (ideas.join.me) that will eventually include a knowledge base – I hope that will be more helpful. Stay tuned for updates to that website.



  5. Dmitry says:

    It would be nice if I have a possibility to change the quality of picture I share…
    I mean in case of low speed Internet connection it is absolutely necessary.
    As an example Mikogo software provides this function. Do you?

    Thank you in advance!


  6. openpotion says:

    Buy this company: https://getjuntoo.com/index.html or add those features. Browsing sites with people is all I do with join me.

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