Show and tell…from your iPad!

Want to host a meeting from your iPad?  There’s an app for that.

We’re happy to announce a significant new update to the iPad app that will give you another excuse to leave your laptop at the office.  Starting today, you can now use to host meetings and quick, ad-hoc collaboration sessions directly from your iPad, including the ability to:

  • Select and visually present files from email and other iPad apps with up to 250 people
  • Open files from other productivity, business, collaboration and cloud apps in for quick sharing
  • Store files in the iPad app for future meetings and presentations
  • Invite attendees via email or link into a session
  • Talk to attendees via VoIP or a free, dedicated teleconference line
  • Secure and control meetings via “lock” feature, requiring attendees to seek permission prior to joining a meeting in session
  • Trigger a touch-based ‘laser pointer’ for highlighting areas of content being shared
  • Use built-in chat feature to talk with individual or all attendees

Want a test drive?

The hosting option in new app works in tandem with your account.  If you already have on your iPad, just install the latest update.  If not, just download it from App Store to get started.  Once in the app, you’ll see options to ‘Share’ or to ‘Join’, just like the website.  To ‘Share’, simply log in with your account info and you’re ready to go.

Don’t have a account?  No worries.  You can sign up for a 14-day, risk-free account trial on the website — also gives you a chance to test drive all the premium features of pro.  PLEASE NOTE: Joining a meeting from the app does not require an account.

Try it with friends, try it with colleagues, or heck, try it with yourself by simply joining your iPad hosted meeting from your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android device, Win 8 device or even another iPad.

And let us know your thoughts here on blog, in the app reviews or in the new ideas community.

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10 Responses to Show and tell…from your iPad!

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  4. Sky says:

    Can I browse the web as demo in the app?

  5. Rebecca Webb says:

    Our company has its own mobility app. Can I share that app through this software in order to give an web image type demo?

  6. Rebecca Webb says:

    My company has an app that works with our product now. I want to be able to show clients how this app works via a web session using join me, but it isn’t just a file. So for example, even though this isn’t our product. Lets say I am playing angry birds or something and I want to do a join me to show my mom how to do it. I couldn’t run both apps at the same time using join me to show the other app? Is that in development, and when will it be available? I can’t find any way to share an app via web from Ipad, and it is frustrating.

  7. Keith Shum says:

    What type of files can be shared?
    .pdf, .pptx works, but don’t seem to be able to do .jpg?!

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