Record your meetings, now in beta

We get new feature suggestions every day from our users, and the one we heard most often was to add recording.   We heard you loud and clear, and we’re happy to announce that recording is ready for you to try on our beta site (!

When we asked users what they wanted to record, we most often heard about training, demos, town hall meetings  – but we’re sure you’ve already got your own great ideas.  No matter what you choose, is ready and able to capture both the screen and audio conversation.

To start your recording, click on the (new!) Plus icon and click “Record”.  When you’re done, hit “Stop recording”.  As soon as we’re done processing it, your recording will be available on the new “my meetings” tab on the website, under “recordings”.

join me recording screenshot

Users can check this feature out now by signing up or signing in with their pro credentials at and starting a session. Since we’re still in beta, feedback is wanted and welcome at  Don’t forget to check out our knowledge base articles on the topic.  Happy recording!

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Steve is on the product team.
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3 Responses to Record your meetings, now in beta

  1. Paul says:

    That is the feature i was waiting for!! Now is ¡fantastic! I don´t need to record from my own PC or to use another solution.

  2. Heya. I was wondering if there was a way to turn off the screen control option? Whenever someone requests access for control my system freezes for a few seconds. Is there anything that can be done?

    • Steve Schult says:

      Hi there,

      We’re looking into adding a feature where the presenter could prevent these requests. We’ll put something up on the blog when this goes live – but we’ve got a few features ahead of it on the list. Thanks for the idea!


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