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Collaborate. Annotate.

Ever wish you could circle that word, highlight that line, or laser-focus on one part of your screen? Well, today you can. pro now includes annotation for hosts and viewers, including drawing on the screen with a highlighter or … Continue reading

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Download the desktop app for Windows / Mac screen sharing

If you haven’t tried our desktop app, you’re in for a treat. The app allows you to start or join a session right from your desktop. This is what my pro desktop app looks like. Now you can get the desktop app … Continue reading

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Infographic: Dissecting the unproductive meeting

We all know the guy (or gal) who spends the whole work day in meetings—each merging into the next. Every day they come in early and stay late to make up the hours lost to discussion, debate and data dissection. … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Remote Meeting, Do More makes on-the-fly meetings simple, this we know. But we love uncovering real stories about in action.  Here’s what we just heard from a pro user about the presenter swap feature during an offsite: “We’re at a meeting … Continue reading

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Infographic: Be a Productive Powerhouse

Lets face it. is all about effective and efficient collaboration. We pride ourselves on helping you to work better, so when we came across this info-graphic, naturally we had to share it. Sure we’ve all had the occasional food-induced coma … Continue reading

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Infographic: Flipping Classrooms Helps Collaborative Learning

Flipping the classroom is a practice that is beginning to transform learning. And we think it’s a trend worth watching. In a flipped classroom model students’ watch lectures at home and apply what they learned in classroom exercises. This allows … Continue reading

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I’m proud to say that is now the official sponsor of show-n-tell. How is that possible, you ask? Because the easiest screen-sharing app just got easier. Introducing: Presenter Swap. First things first: If you’d rather watch a two-minute video … Continue reading

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Give Your Online Training Tools a Boost with

A few days ago, I attended an online business training session (name withheld for privacy purposes). It was the typical sign-up-and-wait experience where I registered, got approved, and on the day of, watched patiently as the presenter flashed through slides. … Continue reading

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As I always say, we are so lucky to get great feedback from our users every day. Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more people using in higher education.  Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or both, has … Continue reading

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The Startup’s Toolkit: Team collaboration tools

Collaboration. Whether you know it or not, you are constantly collaborating with your co-workers – that’s how work gets done (and sometimes not done). Every team is different, and every team needs a different kind of collaboration solution that works for them. … Continue reading

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